Song Titles Can Keep Business Blogging in Tune

Whether they’re beginners or veterans, business bloggers often confide in me (in my capacity as either their blogging trainer or their professional ghost blogger) that they have trouble coming up with new ideas for posts. One technique I’m fond of suggesting is finding a unifying theme for a group of posts, then composing a week or two worth of posts with each one highlighting a different aspect of that theme.

Let’s practice.  For this week’s Say It For You blog posts, I’ve picked out a number of song titles to illustrate different aspects of my own business, which is providing blog content to promote a corporation or a professional practice. I’m going to challenge readers to pick out song titles (either from my list or from anywhere), and show why they think that song expresses some aspect of their own business!

Today I’ve selected song titles that illustrate blogging “Do’s”, positive steps and good practices for business blogging:


“You Gotta Sing Like You Don’t Need the Money” (Susanne Clark)

Even if your business is relatively new and still in the struggling stage, your blog posts must project an impression of confidence and success, focusing readers’ attention on your unique talents and “slant” in your field. As blogger Pamela Wilson explains, the reason children make such huge developmental strides in their first years of life is that they don’t worry about what other people think – they simply progress. On that same theme, career counselors advise dressing for the position you want, not for the one you have. Blog as if you already are where you want to be!

“This is How We Do it” (Montell Jordan)

 Use your blog post to demonstrate ways to use your products and services,         remembering  that consumers who feel fairly informed feel empowered to make buying       decisions (and therefore more comfortable making those decisions). Even as you’re offering detailed instructions, it’s perfectly OK to add why it’s worth investing in the services of a professional when specialized expertise and experience is needed.

“New York, New York” (Frank Sinatra)

Even if your company operates nationally (even globally), localizing a blog post through an anecdote, a testimonial, or a tie-in to news affecting just one city in which you do business  can help forge a connection with readers from that city. Authors Doug Karr and Chantelle Flannery point out (Corporate Blogging For Dummies) point out that local search is good for SEO, with the volume of geographic or local search continuing to rise.

Your turn.  Try to come up with a unifying theme around which to build three or four blog posts about your business. Hint: It’s OK to use song titles to keep your blog continually in tune! 



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