Speak to the Influencers in Your Business-to-Business Blog

“The visitor experience means giving your website visitors exactly what they areFord Saeks looking for,” says online marketing maven Ford Saeks. “It means making it obvious where to click on your landing pages, what choices they have, how they can contact you, buy, download or find a solution to their problems or desires.”

As an Indianapolis blog writer offering corporate blogging training, I remind business owners and blog content writers that, in a very real way, each blog post itself constitutes a call to action. Author Peter Guber, in Tell to Win, describes “the hidden power of story”.  What that means to me is that, in blogging for business, we need to present stories that in themselves are calls to action for readers because the readers see themselves in those stories.

Remember, the reason those readers found your site in the first place is that what you provide matched up with whatever need or want they typed into the search bar! Those readers need confirmation that they’ve come to exactly the right place to fulfill their needs and wishes.

On the other hand, different searchers might be in differing states of readiness to act. Readers who are ready to buy should be able to do so right away, using the fewest possible steps. For others who need to learn more, you can offer to answer their question, offer a subscription, a sign-up for your e-newsletter, a video for them to watch, a white paper they can download, a webinar, a product sample, etc.)

Sales trainers often speaker of reaching “Influencers” who in turn will help “Decision Makers” choose where to buy products and services. Since an effective SEO marketing blog plays an important role in any company’s overall marketing strategy, it’s crucial to compose blog posts (both in terms of using the right keyword phrases and in terms of the style, tone, and general “voice’ of the blog content) with those Influencers in mind. 

In fact, something else for freelance blog writers to keep in mind is that influencing the Influencers can prove even more important in business-to-business (as compared with business-to-consumer) blog marketing!

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