Speed Cleaning 101 For Your Blog

Indianapolis realtor friend Katrina Basile sent me a newsletter with an article about speed cleaning my house.  "Most of us like a clean house, with sparkling sinks and clutter-free coffee tables.  We just don’t want to be the one to make them that way," the piece began. 

Funny, seems to work the same way with business blogging.  As I pointed out in "Blogging Is A Concierge Service", blogging is an essential customer acquisition tool in our increasingly web-based world.  Still, few business owners can spare the time to post relevant, new material with enough consistency and frequency to have much of an effect on search engine rankings. (As a professional ghost blogger, I’m providing that concierge service.)

For the blog-it-yourself-ers, though, four of the home cleaning tips really seem to apply to blogging for business:

(Prepare a pail with spray cleaners, rags, brushes, etc.)

For blogging prep, line up facts and statistics you want to quote to your target readers.  For example: "According to Technorati search engine, by June 2006, there were 34,000,000 blogs."

(Kick-start cleaning with taking out trash and clearing away clothes – whatever tasks will make the greatest impact.)

As this applies to blogging, put the key words and your key idea in the title of the blog post and use the most important key words early in the blog.

(Putting everything back in its place cuts cleaning time.)

Each blog post should focus on one key idea.

(Enlist the help of family members in the cleaning project for faster results – and a commitment to keep things clean.)

Involve all members of the marketing team, plus as many employees and stakeholders in your business blog. (Even if your professional ghost blogger is doing the writing, employees themselves can provide anecdotes and information, plus post comments on the blog.)

"Landing in a home that’s just right for you makes every step of the journey worth it," concludes the newsletter.  For online searchers, nothing beats "landing" on a blog and then on a website that has just the information, the products, and the services they came to find.  "Landing" is what blogging for business is all about!



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