Star Business Bloggers Test Themselves Before They Study

Highlighting key information and writing notes in textbook margins aren’t as much help to students as once thought, explains Scientific American Mind. As a corporate blogging trainer, I was very interested in the magazine’s list of effective study tools.  After all, we want our readers to remember the information we’ve provided, and we hope they’ll take action on the advice we offered in our blog content.

Get visual. Graphics help students understand and retain the material in the text.
For blog content writers, a single visual that captures the essence of the post’s point enhancese “curb appeal”.  At the same time, it’s important to avoid distractions on the blog page itself that might take readers’ attention “off the road”, away from the message and the Call to Action.

Share your progress. Composing updates about what you’re learning, and teaching others really help in retention of the material.
Sharing on social media is the modern day equivalent of those updates. Joining conversations on Facebook and Twitter and encouraging opinion-sharing by readers help keep your blog content engaging.

Test yourself before you study. Psychologists have known for decades that taking a test helps people retain what they’ve learned.  Newer research shows that retention is even better if you take the test before you know anything about a subject (so you are all but guaranteed to get the answers wrong.) The concept is to guess; then, when you find out the real answer, you’ll never forget it.
Blog readers tend to be curious creatures, with that curiosity factor is highest when readers are learning about themselves. As a longtime Indianapolis blog content writer, I’ve found that “self-tests” tend to engage readers and help them relate in a more personal way to the information presented in an SEO marketing blog.

Star students test themselves before they study.  Star business bloggers get visual, and help readers share the insights they gain and test themselves before studying!

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