Stop-And-Go Blogging Slows Traffic

The other morning, listening to the radio in my car on my way to meet one of my ghost blogging clients, I heard a traffic alert.  The announcer was warning listeners to stay away from the vicinity of Southport Road and Madison Avenue (on the south side of Indianapolis), warning of stop-and-go traffic there. Grateful my route wouldn’t pass anywhere near that intersection, I pictured being in a line of cars moving two or three feet, then having to stop, then moving another couple of feet and again having to stop – you know the drill, where it takes an hour to get to a place ten minutes away.  It’s hard to think of a less productive way to spend time than that.

You need to know that, when a professional ghost blogger like me hears the word “traffic”, another kind of traffic comes to mind.  Remember that business bloggers care about one thing most of all, and that’s increasing traffic – only what we mean is driving traffic to websites.  The more people that click on a business’ blog, the more those searchers become engaged with the content of the blog, the more traffic will flow to the website.

Now, one of the main keys to traffic on the Internet is offering valuable content.  Yaro Starak, “The Blog Traffic King“, says “If you do nothing else for your blog but write quality content, you will get traffic.”  But then blogging expert Ted Demopoulos adds (see What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging And Podcasting) “Keep that posting consistent and even….posting only four or five times a month will cause you to lose readership.”  Demopolulos is referring to frequency, one of the variables Google and other search engines measure in ranking a blog.  Blogging three to five times per week is recommended to keep traffic flow smooth.

Business owners who make blogging part of their routine are able to make blogs pull their weight as part of an overall business marketing strategy.  Professional ghost blogging services can help make blogging work for business owners who lack the time to maintain the schedule of writing and posting blogs.  One thing’s pretty clear – stop-and-go driving slows everything down, but, now frequency – that’s what puts your blog in the express lane!

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