Successful Blog Writing is Like Anthropology

Scientists Becker and Geer define culture as “a set of common understandings around which action is organized” (quoted in Culture & High Performance by William C. Jeffries). Successful blogging for business may have a lot in common with anthropology. 

I came to that conclusion because what I’ve found with Say It For You business owners and professional practitioners is that they want their SEO marketing blogs to do just that – help them market.  They hope the blog content writing they’re doing (or the writing they’ve hired professional ghost bloggers like me to do for them) will spur action.

Still, they quickly learn, it’s rare for online searchers to spring into immediate action, navigating straight from blog to shopping cart. Why?  Because that Becker-Geer set of common understandings must be established first. What are some of those common understandings?

  • Right here is the right place.
    Translated into blog writing for business, while readers arrive at your business blog because they already have an interest in your topic and are ready to receive the information, the services, and the products you have to offer, the content must assure them that they’ve come to precisely the right place to get what they’re after.
  • We’re the right size for each other.
    One of the most important functions of a business blog, I explain to Say It For You clients and to newbie freelance content writers, is assuring readers they’ve come to a company or professional who fits their “size” and their needs. Are you “too big” to care about a smaller client? Are you accustomed and equipped to take on larger assignments? Just where do you “fit” within your industry or profession?
  • I care/ I can tell you care.
    Business blog posts convey the values and beliefs of the owners. Remember that old sales mantra – “They won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!”
  • It’s apparent you’ve made it comfortable for me to proceed to the next step – or to do that later.
    When giving business blogging assistance, I constantly stress delivering on the promise – blog navigation paths need to lead to expected results rather than to negative surprises.

Once business blog content has created those common understandings with readers, it will be easy to organize the action!



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