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19 Mar

What-It-Would-Do-For-You Blog Content Writing

“When asking ‘What do you want?’ you are seeking an answer that is very specific and positive. ‘I don’t want . . ‘” is not something for which you can coach,” explains Laura Poole, author of the book Perfect Phrases for Coaching Employee Performance.   How can that coaching insight apply to the content we create for business owners and professional practitioners to offer their online readers? Some of the areas in which employees often […]

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22 Oct

Blogging to Help Increase Positive Behaviors

  There’s a lot we blog content writers can take away from a very unusual experiment called “The Sentimental Savings Study”. This study, reviewed in the Journal of Financial Planning , is about using psychology to help increase positive behaviors (in that specific case, personal savings). And, isn’t that precisely what marketing blogs are designed to do – motivate readers to take positive action? Can psychology help readers envision the positive outcomes that our products […]

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17 Oct

Blogging to Make the Reward Worth It

“Make the reward worth it,” Nancy Duarte advises business speakers in her book Resonate. “No matter how stimulating you make your plea, an audience will not act unless you describe a reward that makes it worthwhile.” The ultimate gain must be clear.” Duarte lists 7 basic types of reward: Basic needs – include food, water, shelter, and rest. (Concern for others’ basic needs prompts generosity.) Security – includes physical, financial, technological, and psychological. Savings – […]

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24 Sep

Find a Focus in Each Blog Post – So They Can

“Sometimes a writer can go on and on for pages with examples that prove a point…only she hasn’t quite figured out what that point is,” a writing guide from Vanderbilt.edu so aptly points out. I thought about that he other day as I attended what started out to be a fascinating talk on how smart watches and tablets are being used to collect data for predicting illnesses. Only problem – the speaker began to ramble, […]

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17 Sep

The All-Important Call to Action in Blog Content Writing

  One of the resources Ivy Tech offers to students is the Study Power Leader’s Guide. The Guide suggests students keep a daily activities list containing three categories: Must Do! Should Do Could Do “We live in a culture of information-saturation. Consumers today are highly-distracted, which is why you need to end your posts with a bang, by including enticing, well-written calls to action,” writtent.com suggests. An effective call to action will act as a […]

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