Telling to Win in Your Business Blog

Tell to Win book"Today everyone – whether they know it or not – is in the emotional transportation business," says Peter Guber, author of the new book Tell to Win. Guber’s title refers to what he calls "the hidden power of story".  

As a freelance SEO copywriter reading that intro to the book, I couldn’t help thinking ,"Bingo!"  If the power of story is to be directed towards the marketing strategy and tactics development of any business, there’s nowhere it’s a better fit than in corporate blog writing.

I’ve written about Peter Guber before. As a professional ghost blogger and corporate blogging trainer, I’m fascinated by the way Guber studies stories as business tools.  What Guber calls a "purposeful story" is exactly the sort of story begging to be brought to life in corporate blog writing.

"Simply put," asserts Guber, "If you can’t tell it, you can’t sell it." In fact, while business blog posts are part of a company’s marketing plan, they are not advertorials, billboards, or what Guber calls "soulless Power Point slides". That means blog posts must be effective by presenting stories that in themselves are calls to action for readers.

What can stories do, asks Guber?  His answers need to appear in any manual about blogging for business:

  • Capture your audience’s attention first, fast, and foremost.
  • Motivate your listeners by demonstrating authenticity.
  • Build your tell around "what’s in it for them".

"Your story is your ‘secret sauce’", concludes Guber.  Are YOU using blogging as a key tool in your marketing strategy?  Are YOU using corporate blog writing to tell YOUR business’ great story?  What is YOUR secret sauce?

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