The Balancing Act in Blogging for Business

 “There’s a balancing act that must take place between authenticity and brand image,” reflects Referring to videos on websites, Spork points out that “Today’s consumers are so inundated with slick advertising, they’re much more likely to trust a poor quality video made by a regular person than anything produced by a professional.” The other side of the coin, Spork cautions, is that “low quality ads send the wrong message about a company’s inherent value”.

As a professional ghost blogger, I found Spork’s remarks very much on target. One of the biggest challenges faced by all of us Indianapolis blog content writers is finding that authenticity/brand quality balance.

In today’s competitive business world (as any good freelance blog content writer needs to keep in mind), corporate blogging for business represents an ideal tool for “getting personal” and earning trust. Business owners need their SEO marketing blogs to express who and what they are. What makes them tick?  What “ticks them off” about their industry? In short, business blog writing needs to be real.

Being real, though, doesn’t mean being sloppy, as I’m constantly reminding business owners and professional practitioners during corporate blogging training sessions. Grammar and spelling errors, like the low video quality in the ads Spork describes, make for low quality blog posts, in turn sending nothing but the wrong message to online readers.

Robin Nobles of agrees. “Our websites are our online store fronts,“ Nobles says. “If our sites are full of grammar errors, what does that say about the professionalism of our businesses?” On the same subject, blog maven Ted Demopoulis adds, “There's a difference between more formal business writing and blog writing, but "that's no excuse" (for typos, misspelled words, and poor grammar).

Not sure how to strike the right balance between branding and authenticity for your online business marketing? A professional ghost blogger could help you hone your balancing act!


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