The Devil is in the Details in Business Blog Writing

“Examples and details are the very things people remember long after reading a piece…most writing suffers from superficiality – it is too general,” states Brandon Royal in The Little Red Writing Book.

As a corporate blogging trainer, I can’t help but agree.  Successful blogging for business is all about detail.  Corporate websites provide  basic information about a company’s products or a professional’s services, but the business blog content is there to attach a “face” and lend a “voice” to that information by filling in the finer details.  And it’s those very details, more than any list of professional credentials or corporate accomplishments, that end up winning the hearts of online readers. names three categories of detail that can improve your writing:

Examples – These consist of little stories, anecdotes, and testimonials.

Freelance blog content writers can interview business owners and employees to “mine” stories that showcase the way the company was built and the owners’ and workers’ unique “slant” on their industry.

Explanations – These are definitions or supporting examples.

Being a Certified Environmental Drycleaner (CED) certification from the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute International means we must demonstrate knowledge regarding environmentally appropriate ways of operating drycleaning equipment, disposing of hazardous wastes, and industry-related EPA and OSHA regulations.

Evidence – Statistics help prove your points to decision-makers.

Disproving common myths is one important purpose of blog writing. In fact, that’s one important point I make whenever I’m offering business blogging assistance – false beliefs about products and services often get in the way of prospects taking action.

THE MYTH:          Bankruptcy leads to divorce.
THE REALITY:     Bankruptcy isn't the problem – not being able to pay the bills is. Filing bankruptcy often strengthens a marriage by relieving the financial stress.

“There are details that maybe aren’t vital, but they are what makes a character who they are,” says Jon Bradbury in “How to Use Details in Creative Writing”, mentioning a building that had 10 floors, and “white high heels that matched her white dress”.

What special details can you include in your SEO marketing blog that people will remember, details that attach a “face” and give a “voice” to your company or practice?

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