The Don’t-Do-It-Yourself Trend Hits Clothing And Blogging

As a professional ghost blogger, I’ve come to realize, I’m actually part of a big trend.  It could almost be considered a movement, the Movement Towards Delegating and Relegating. In the case of blogs, a ghost blogger develops materials for businesses.  The owners of those businesses need to use their time making and selling products or consulting, with no time left to write about what they’re doing and why.

There’s certainly no lack of variety in task doers in the personal arena.  In an earlier piece, Blogging Is A Concierge Service, I wrote about all the many chores concierges perform, from airport pickup to pet-sitting.  Now businesses are joining the Delegators and Relegators, outsourcing tasks ranging from computer maintenance to hiring employees.

On the surface, it would appear there are certain tasks better not delegated to others, because in some areas things need to be done in a very individualized way.  You’d think, for example, a businessperson who does a lot of traveling would want to select her own wardrobe for the trip and pack the clothes in exactly the style she prefers.  Turns out, packing and lugging suitcases is a chore many business owners would just as soon relegate to others.  A clothing butler from Flylite, a Massachusetts company, will be happy to take over the all the packing and lugging.

New Flylite customers pack their own bags – once.  The “clothing “butlers” take it from there, picking up the bags, cleaning and pressing the clothes, even polishing the shoes.  All the clothes are scanned into an online virtual closet.  Each time a trip is coming up, the traveler drags and drops the icons into the “bag” (all done with clicks of the computer mouse).  Flylite delivers the actual packed bag to any U.S. destination.  When the stay is over, the butler picks up the bags, takes care of the clothes and stores everything for the next trip.  Even golf clubs can be carted to the destination by a Flylite butler!

Interestingly, ghost-writing blogs for a business follow a similar model.  The style of the business and the target market dictate the tone for the blog posts.  The “wardrobe” (the business mission, the demographics of the target customers, the type of products or services the business offers) comes from the business and is very individualized.  The blogger then becomes a “butler”, maintaining the discipline of “frequency and recency” that is so crucial to winning online rankings.

Your “blog butler” picks up the information about your business, “cleans, presses, and polishes” the material into finished articles, then conveniently “delivers” those directly to the Worldwide Web in the form of blog posts.  And that’s how I, your friendly and oh-so-handy blog-butler “Say It For You”!

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