The Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi of Business Blogs

You might say that business blog content writing is all about turning the je-ne-sais-quoi of a business or practice into information readers understand and relate to.  The expression “a certain je ne sais quoi (French for “I don’t know what”) refers to a quality that’s hard to pin down or describe, but which makes the subject interesting, explains Chloe Rhodes, author of “A Certain ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’”.

It’s not that using a lot of fancy words – or foreign words, for that matter – in corporate blog posts is a great idea.  In fact, I caution newbie blog content writers to keep their posts simple to understand even while working to deliver content that’s interesting and a little different from the expected.

Being a little different is one key to success in SEO blog marketing blogs.  After all, if your business is a household name, goodie for you – you can keep using the tried and true. Truth is, though, most clients of our Say It For You professional ghostblogging marketing  services are still just household name wanna-be’s. To capture attention, those business owners and professional practitioners absolutely need to project a certain je ne sais quoi.

Just “boasting” isn’t going to do the trick.  Using language such as “innovative solutions”, “great customer service”, “world-class”, or “game-changing”, as David Meerman Scott points out, warning freelance blog writers to avoid that sort of gobbledegook. Instead, conveying the special “flavor” and personality of your brand and your people is precisely what blogging for business needs to contribute to your overall marketing strategy.

Another term for phrases such as je ne sais quoi is “loanwords”.  These are words that are adopted by speakers of one language from a different language.  But, why? More specifically, why can loanwords sometimes be of business blogging help?

“Often used to acknowledge a woman’s mystifying beauty or charisma, the phrase is also widely applied to appreciate that certain something that makes a superb plate of food so tasty or a vintage champagne so deliciously refreshing” (Chloe Rhodes’ definition), the expression ' je ne said quoi' implies that when online readers choose that product or service, they can anticipate a “special” experience. 

Your business blog writing needs to convey that you’re not just another furniture store, dental practice, car dealership, beauty salon, fitness facility, or retirement community, but that your business or practice will deliver that…well, you know, that je ne sais quoi experience!


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