The Nesting Instinct Of Blogs

"Birds do it, bees do it.  Even little tables do it," says Indianapolis home décor maven Sally Falk Nancrede. Nesting, Nancrede means, but as she explains nesting, she may as well have been referring to blogs.

Nancrede describes nesting tables as "smaller, lighter in scale, and more flexible than big-box cocktail tables that permanently anchor a room." Similarly, blog posts are smaller and lighter in scale, much more flexible in their every-changing content then the "big-box" material that anchors the typical company website.

  • "Tables fit into each other….ready to expand for entertaining."

I’ts best for each blog post to focus on one idea, which in turn may "nest" inside an ongoing discussion or explanation continued in other posts.  A post may focus on a core belief you have about the way you handle your business, or it can highlight one particular product or service you offer, building on an over-arching theme of the blog.

  • Nancrede describes Martha Stewart’s Beekman table as combining the "warmth of wood and smart style of modern".

No doubt blogging and social media are modern methods of reaching an audience.  Never forget, though – what makes blogging unique is the personal warmth that characterizes effective blog content.

  • "People’s living spaces have changed.  The scale is just different."

Speaking of space needing changing, Conversion Chronicles points out ("Top Ten Mistakes In Web Design"), "A wall of text is deadly for an interactive experience.  Intimidating.  Boring. Painful to read. Write for online….support scanability."

  • "Tables cozy up to offer flexibility and save space," sums up Nancrede.

My conclusion:

Well-crafted blogs, like nesting tables, can be "delicate, chic works of art."


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