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Finding word combinations that resonate with blog readers is a big part of the challenge involved in blog content writing. Reading through my issue of the Hamilton Country Business Magazine this month, I found two perfect examples of stick-in-the-mind phrases, both in a feature story about the Grindstone Public House:

1. Restauranteur Blake Fogelsong is explaining that his company’s staying power is due to the fact that they own and develop many of their properties: “It’s a lot more beneficial in the long term for a healthy restaurant if you have a mortgage instead of a lease.”

“Sticky words” do not need to be slogan-like. What makes the mortgage-instead-of-a-lease memorable is that it forces the reader to think, introducing an idea that the mind needs a moment to “figure out”.

2. “The history of the building just felt like a Public House, which is a community gathering place. We wanted to convey a sense of both contemporary and comfort, while also giving a nod to Noblesville’s past”.

One element of the second quote is alliteration, which uses the power of similar sounds to grab attention (contemporary and comfort). In addition, the two elements mentioned, contemporary and comfort, don’t normally go together, and pairing them captures interest.

“Stories are memorable, easily shared, and inspire action, Jeremy Porter Communications teaches. In fact, one big, big part of providing business blogging assistance is helping business owners formulate stories. The “Three Generations of Fogelsongs” article in the Hamilton County Business Magazine is especially appealing and powerful because Fogelsong tells his own story:

“When I was in kindergarten at Noblesville, they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew    up. I simply drew a photo of me working at all the restaurants…I
think just growing up in this business, working with my dad when I was younger,
led to a love to take of people and hospitality.”

Sticky words and stories resonate with blog readers!

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