The Scoop on Blog Sweeteners

sweetenerGenerally speaking, it’s a good idea to think “short” when thinking about corporate blogging for business. One very practical reason is that online searchers tend to be scanners rather than readers.  Seeking products, services, and data, those blog visitors want information in usable form, and they want it – yesterday!

The other day, though, while reading an article about artificial sweeteners, I gained a new perspective on the matter that I can shares with Indianapolis blog writers (in fact with all freelance blog writers). 

In “The Scoop on Sweeteners,” Dr. Samual Grief explains that artificial sweeteners have many times the “sweetness” of sugar.  That means much smaller amounts are required to enjoy the taste of foods, so in turn the calorie intake from a given food is much smaller when compared with that same food with sugar added to it.  NutriSweet®, for example, has 180 times the sweetnesds of sugar, while Splenda® has 600x the sweetness.

For all the four years ofSay It For You blog writing service’s existence, one big debate among freelance blog writers has centered around “Above-the-fold” corporate blog writing. The argument centers around how important it is – or isn’t – to keep business blog writing short enough so readers have no need to scroll down the page to read the content.

My own response, when asked that very question in corporate blogging training sessions, has been this: If a visitor has come to your blog site for a reason, and you blog is in fact a good match for that reason, he/she isn’t going to mind scrolling to finish reading what you have to say.

On the other side of the question, if blog content writers will focus on just one main idea in each post, conveying the “sweetness” of that idea in condensed form, less can indeed turn out to be more!

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