The Seinfeld Strategy in Blogging for Business

I thought “Chief Potential Officer” Kevin Eikenberry hit the jackpot with his latest leadership tip about consistency. Eikenberry calls it the “Seinfeld Strategy”.

The reason I was so taken with Eikenberry’s post was that six and a half years ago, in the process of explaining the way my company Say It For You came about, I talked about the “drill sergeant discipline” needed by blog content writers. What I meant was that, while all my business owner clients knew that writing blogs in their area of expertise was going to be a great idea for them, not very many of them felt they could take the time to compose and post content on a regular basis.  I also knew that, while my own considerable experience in writing newspaper columns was going to be an asset for blogging, that the main key to business blogging success was going to be simply keeping on task.

Eikenberry had picked up on a Forbes Magazine article about Jerry Seinfeld, who consistently earned tens of millions of dollars a year for more than a decade.  Seinfeld was successful because of consistency.  He’d figured out that the way to be a better comic was to write better jokes, and that the way to do that was to write jokes every single day.  Then, for every day he writes, Jerry puts a big red X on his wall calendar, and all that matters is not breaking that chain of X’s.

Novelist  Steven King employs a similar discipline, writing ten pages a day.  Every day, with no exceptions.  Jack Nicklaus went over every possible way to approach each shot.  Until he could visualize the perfect shot, he wouldn’t swing.  Sales and marketing great Dan Kennedy doesn’t go to sleep without completing at least one task that connects him to a customer or moves the sales process along.

Consistency. Discipline.  The Seinfeld Strategy.  No, I’ll probably never make even the tiniest fraction of the money that Seinfeld has raked in, but one thing I do know:  Successful blog content writing is about “getting your frequency on”, as fellow blogger Pat Flynn puts it.  If  a business owner throws in the towel before success has a chance to develop in an SEO marketing blog, she’ll have fallen prey to the biggest single reason most people fail at content marketing.

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