The Sensa Rule for SEO Marketing Blogs

I’ve always been able to see a parallel between billboards and blogs. Of course, both billboards and blogs are about promoting products, services, and ideas.

A marketing study I read about several years ago highlights one particular aspect common to both blogs and billboards. The study showed that, if what a billboard was advertising wasn’t relevant to a person’s life at that time, that person’s brain would “brush off” the information immediately and the billboard’s message would be ignored. The moment consumers were in the market for that kind of product or service, they would notice the billboard and the message would “register”.

In the same way, SEO marketing blog posts are out there on the “highway” of the Internet, but the only people that are going to find that blog are the ones seeking information on exactly that kind of advice, product, or service!

As both a professional ghost blogger and corporate blogging trainer, I’m always thinking about ways blog content writers can engage the interest of online searchers. At the same time, of course, I’m a consumer along with everybody else. And true to the billboard study I mentioned, lately I’ve begun noticing all these SENSA® weight loss advertisements on signs and bulletin boards (I’m trying to take off ten pounds, so the messages “register” in my brain).

Once I started looking at the SENSA® ads, though, (and there are 160 different versions), I realized they’re all based on a technique my freelance blog content writers in Indianapolis could be using to help Say It For You clients capture online readers’ attention: What I found is that every single one of those SENSA® ads is focused on a result, an outcome, on the What’s-In-It-For-Them, and not on the product!


  • “Drop 30 pounds”
  • "Eat yourself skinny”
  • “Hello size 8”
  • “Discover a thinner, happier You!”
  • “Lose weight without dieting”
  • “Sprinkle. Eat. Lose.”
  • And the absolute topper – “Look good naked.”

One key element in successful corporate blogging for business is usable information, and one thing that makes for that usability is helping users know how results might “feel”. I ask you, who doesn’t want to look good naked?


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