Tips For Assistance Give Big Assist to Corporate Blog Content Writers

On the flight home from my Pacific Northwest vacation, I tore out a page from my complimentary copy of American Way Magazine titled “Tips for Assistance When Your Flight Has Been Delayed or Canceled”.

What did I like so much about this piece, and what elements can be incorporated into SEO marketing blogs?


  • It offers valuable information to us passengers without attempting to sell us anything. Website information,   the #1 -800 reservations number, and information about the Notification Center are all included.

    Hitting precisely the right "advertorial" note is the big challenge in corporate blog writing. In fact, one point I've consistently stressed in these Say It For You blog content writing "tutorials" is how important it is to provide valuable information to readers, while avoiding any hint of "hard sell".

  • It shows American Airlines understands its customers’ concerns: retrieving lost luggage, dealing with flight insurance and with unexpected expenses.

    In corporate blog posts, you target a particular audience and work to address their needs. As time passes, you continually hone your content in light of your own deepening understanding of what makes that group of people “tick”.

  • It manages to convey the thought that American Airlines is there to serve:  “We expect, as you do, that American Airlines and American eagle will operate flights on time…Our goal is to get you to your destination safely and quickly as possible.”

    I teach business blog content writers the power of using first and second person pronouns rather than the more impersonal third person. Notice all the “we” and “you” going on. Blogs need to sound like real people talking to other real people.


The article is divided into sub-topics with “bolded” titles and bullet points throughout, serving up the content in well-organized fashion.

That bullet points in general are a good fit for blogs is actually something I stress in corporate blogging training sessions. By most accounts, search engines like bullet points. Even more important, I’ve found over my years as a professional ghost blogger, bullet points keep everyone on track.

 That American Airlines “Tips for Assistance” article, I concluded, was going to be of a whole lot of assistance in blogging for business!



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