“Tis the Season at Say It For You – Part Three

This holiday week has been, for me, a time for looking back at the online content writing topics I had thought most important to bring to readers in earlier years of my Say It For You blog.

Towards the end of 2010, an article I’d found in Money Management International about enjoying the season on a budget triggered a post about “borrowing” ideas from other blogs and magazine articles.  Over the years, I’ve continued teaching blog copywriters to use others’ material, giving credit to the original authors, then adding their own advice and perspective on the topic.

One year later, in the winter of 2011, I wrote about “cleaning up” in time for the holidays. I’d found an article about pre-holiday kitchen clean-ups, and drew a number of parallels to share with Say It For You readers.

Just as cooks were advised to level the refrigerator by adjusting the feet at the bottom of the fridge, I explained that leveling business blog writing included checking the keyword phrase list on SEO marketing blogs to be sure some terms weren’t be overused while others were being neglected. And, just as it’s a good idea for homeowners to check each kitchen appliance’s user manual to see what recommendations for care the manufacturer was offering, I suggested that business owners and freelance blog content writers review the features and benefits of whatever blogging platform they use.

Now, in my fifth holiday season offering corporate blogging training, I’m grateful. I realize that, while the technology of blogging platforms will continue to change, and while everything we thought we knew about SEO algorithms keeps getting turned on its head, good blog content writing to help business owners and professionals tell their stories – well, that will never go out of style!

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