To Re-Purpose Business Blogs, You’ve Got to Have Content!

“One way to save time but still get an abundance of content is to learn how to repurpose it,” says Rob Carlson, blogger on Carlson explains he’s referring to different distribution channels, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • White papers
  • e-books
  • Webinars
  • Case studies
  • Charts
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

I agree, of course.  Generating new content is very time and labor-intensive. When, consequently, business owners and professional practitioners hire professional ghost bloggers to create content for their SEO marketing blogs, they need assurance that the end product will be no single-use deal.

Fellow corporate blogging trainer Brad Smith of Fixcourse assures us “There’s hope.. You can bring in more traffic, leads, and sales by simply repurposing your existing blog content.”

Smith is careful, though, to remind readers of something I teach business blog content writers in Indianapolis:  “You can’t reuse text online because of duplicate content issues, which can negatively affect your SEO.” Still, he hastens to reassure, “If you turn it into another format (like audio, video, or offline), then you can avoid the problem and double your content.”

  • “Of course, you can also flip this around and create new online content from different sources, Smith observes, including:
  • Old speeches and presentations
  • Raw data or statistics you’ve gathered
  • Your own past emails, especially answers to people’s questions

A big factor in re-purposing is the joy of the hunt. It’s like shopping for an outfit in your own closet! Of course, a unique challenge presents itself to those of us who provide blog content writing services to businesses and professional practices. Lacking access to our clients’ “closets” of old speeches and emails, at Say It For You, we “mine” that kind of information at periodic face-to-face meetings with the owners and their sales staff.

Talk of re-purposing is trendy in blog marketing circles, prompting me to offer a gentle reminder that to re-purpose content, you’ve got to generate content in the first place! 

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