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Blogs do it better, I realized all over again while reading my Home and Away magazine from AAA Hoosier Motor Club.  AAA Vice President Suzanne DeCelles’ article, "Travel Beyond the Internet" is what college English teachers call an "argument paper", telling the professional travel agent’s side of the do-it-yourself-travel story.

Could a traditional corporate website bring forth the "argument" in favor of doing business with a particular company as compared to its competitors? Sure, but hardly in as chatty and person-to-person tone, I don’t suppose, as a blog post.

Actually, the DeCellis magazine article might easily be turned into several blog posts, with each one focused on a different aspect of the answer to the frequently-asked question:

 "Why use a travel agent when Web searches offer a myriad of options  for vacation planning with just a quick click?"

Why you?
Your blog offers the chance to present your expertise, your unique approach to your field and the business principles you live by.

""Instant access to detailed information about any hotel, resort, or vacation or cruise destination is only one facet of the research an experienced travel agent conducts," explains Decellis.

Story board
Your blog offers the chance for you to tell your story, or to allow a customer to tell a story about you in the form of a testimonial.  As Chris Baggott of Compendium Blogware points out, people like to do business with people they know. Your blog lets them get to know you.

"A few years ago," Suzanne DeCellis relates, "a travel advertisement featured two hotels, both listed as first class.  One was dilapidated, the other rustic and quaint." The pictures were somewhat inconclusive.  The caption: "Only your travel agent knows how rustic a property should be!"

Your company website can offer relevant and engaging information to online searchers.  Your blog is more in the Paul Harvey camp, letting searchers in on the "rest of the story"!


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