Try Not to Talk to Yourself in your SEO Marketing Blog!

speech bubbles“Language is at the core of our being,” remarksNoam Chomsky, who’s been called the “father of modern linguistics”. Since we’re always immersed in language, he observes, “It takes a strong act of will to try not to talk to yourself when you’re walking down the street…”

In corporate blog writing, (which takes a strong act of will, anyway, in terms of maintaining the frequency and consistency needed to” win search”), you will definitely need the same strength of will Chomsky describes in order to avoid talking to yourself – and only to yourself – in your business blog writing.

One of the realities about corporate blogs that is toughest for newbie Indianapolis writers of blog content to accept is that other people, specifically online searchers, are interested, first and foremost, in themselves and their own needs, wants, and interests. Their curiosity about what you do – or about what you have to say or sell, I explain in corporate blogging training sessions, will be at its most intense when it concerns testing their own limits or their own knowledge. My theory is that’s why magazine self-tests and quizzes are so hard for readers to resist, and that’s the reason I believe including an occasional quiz or survey is a good idea for anyone providing business blogging services..

In Say It for You corporate blogging training sessions, the What’s-in-it-for-Them Rule is always part of the curriculum.  Speaker Magazine gives some very sage advice to authors trying to launch a new book:

“Don’t tell your prospects how great you are;
tell them how great they will feel when the ideas in your book relieve the pain they’re experiencing.”

Now there’s a piece of advice that can be used by every one of us involved in corporate blogging for business!. As Chomsky so wryly instructed people walking down the street – try not to talk to yourself.  Yes, readers found your blog because they were seeking information, products or services that relate to you, but never forget – now they’ve arrived, what they want to find relates to them!

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