Tucker Talks Real Estate; Say It For You Talks Blogging for Business

I always enjoy the “how to” lists in the “Tucker Talks Real Estate” newsletters my friend Katrina Basile is kind enough to send along to me each month.  Along with some great recipes, I almost always find ideas that can be of help to my Say It For You freelance blog writers Indianapolis. The focus in this latest issue was on making house guests feel comfortable…

1. “Less is more. When it comes to décor, this tried-and-true adage is a smart one to follow.  Don’t clutter space with extra knick-knacks.”

Less is certainly more when it comes to content marketing strategy through writing for business, I stress to newbie freelance blog content writers. . Online readers, though, can absorb only so much in a sitting, so bloggers need to keep each blog post focused on one main idea, avoiding “cluttering” the space with extra “knick-knacks”.

2. “Clear the closet….try to leave some room for guests to hang up clothes.”  

The lesson for blog content writers in Indiana? SEO marketing blogs are meant to draw visitors. Make room for those visitors’ views by soliciting – and providing opportunities for them to give you feedback.

3. “Offer the basics. An alarm clock, extra toiletries, magazines or books, additional towels or sheets, a box of tissues, and bottles of water can come in handy for guests.”

As blog content writers in Indianapolis, we at Say It For You are not directly involved in initially selecting the right keyword phrases, setting up the widgets on the blog platform and on the website software, choosing domain names and tags, and creating a clear navigation path from the blog to the website landing pages and shopping cart.  But if these crucial mapping details have not been attended to, the results can be disappointing for all concerned. Online visitors need to be able to respond with minimum effort to calls to action presented in corporate blogs.
As Tucker Talks Real Estate advises, “Don’t hide the outlets.”

Interestinly, at the bottom of Page Two of the newsletter, there is a box with text calling me to action:  “As your neighborhood real estate expert, much of my business comes from friends, neighbors, and satisfied past clients.  If you know someone looking to buy, build, or sell a home, give me a call!”  

(Talk about a what-not-to-do example…) NO PHONE NUMBER was provided!  Had I been moved to immediately follow up on the Call to Action, I would have needed to return to Page One of the newsletter to find the number!
Readers find their way to your blog, remember, because the products and services they need or the kind of information they're seeking matches up with what you have, what you do, and what you know. Make those “guests” comfortable!

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