Use Business Blogs to Give ‘Em Perspective Along With Information

Driving along the other day with my car radio on but with my mind mainly focused on HOT AIR BALLOONavoiding potholes, I heard WIBC’s Denny Smith make what I thought was a profound comment. As a content writer in Indianapolis, I thought what Smith had said was extraordinarily relevant to anyone writing for business.

Referring to the economy and to the personal finance topic which is his specialty, Smith commented that people are looking to their advisors for more than just information – they need perspective.

That comment is so “spot on”, I thought, when it comes to blog content writing! Here’s why: The typical website explains what products and services the company offers, who the “players” are and in what geographical area they operate. The better websites give at least a taste of the corporate culture and some of the owners’ core beliefs.  It’s left to the continuously renewed business blog writing, though, to “flesh out” the intangibles, those things that make a company stand out from its peers. In other words, it’s the SEO marketing blog that gives readers a deeper perspective with which to process the information. For every fact about the company or about one of its products or services, a blog post addresses unspoken questions such as “So, is that different?”, “So, is that good for me?” 

Whether a business owner is composing his/her own blog posts or collaborating with a professional ghost blogger, it’s simply not enough to provide even very potentially valuable information to online searchers who’ve landed on a company’s SEO corporate blog. The facts (which are the raw ingredients of corporate blogging for business) need to be “translated” into relational, emotional terms that compel reaction – and action – in readers. agrees that “It’s all about perspective,” retelling a business story I’d heard years earlier.

A man in a hot air balloon, realizing he was lost, calls out to a woman on the ground, saying “I don’t know where I am.”  The woman answers, “You’re in a hot air balloon at 40 degrees north latitude and 60 degrees longitude.” “You must be in Information Technology,” cried the lost man. “I am,” replied the woman, “But how did you know?”  “You gave me technically correct information, but I have no idea what to make of it.”

In offering business blogging assistance, it’s important for me to stress this point. In corporate blog writing, keyword phrases can function like a hot air balloon, helping your corporate blogging content “get found” by readers. But, like the man in the balloon, readers need perspective to know where they ARE amidst all the facts you’ve provided!

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