Use Your Business Blog to Show What it Takes – and Why It Takes YOU!

taxiFour years ago, despite having been a writer for more than 25 years, I found that, in order to prepare for my new work as a corporate blogging trainer and professional ghost blogger, I needed to study up. The learning process, which continues to this day, includes attending quite a number of seminars, lectures, and panels, even paying for many hours of "private tutoring".

Until I read "10 Things About Britain" in Mental Floss Magazine, though, I never dreamed that, in order to become a certified taxi operator in London, drivers must study up for an extraordinarily difficult exam that involves detailed recall of 25,000 streets, along with the locations of clubs, hospitals, hotels, parks, theaters, schools, restaurants, government buildings and churches.  I was amazed to learn from Erica Rex’s article that most drivers take at least three years to master all this knowledge.

From now on, I vowed, I would cite that article in corporate blogging training sessions to make a very important point about blog content writing for business. That article reminded me that online visitors searching for a product or a service typically have no idea what it takes to do what you do and how much effort you put into acquiring the expertise you’re going to use to their benefit.

Just to clarify, what I am not telling blog content writers to do is to "wave their credentials" around just because they are writing posts for an SEO marketing blog.  As Lee puts it, competence trumps credentials every time. But what I do think needs to come across loud and clear in business blog writing is what preparation and effort it takes – on your part and on the part of your employees –  to be able to deliver the expert advice, service, and products  customers can expect from you.

I absolutely love the opening line of the "10 Things About Britain" piece:

            Cabbies are smarter than Google Maps.

As a business owner in today’s click-it-yourself, do-it-yourself world, your content writing  needs to demonstrate to online searchers that, in your field, you ARE smarter than Google Maps, or eHow, or Wikipedia.  What’s more, your corporate blogging for business must make clear, you’re a lot more caring for your customers!

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