Using Company Manners in Your Company Business Blog

“We use our inside voices at school,” I overheard one kindergarten teacher saying in a well-modulated tone, in sharp contrast to her students’ shouts.

Blogger Daniel Scocco (“Skellie”) offers similar advice in “10 Principles of Successful Business Blogging”: “When you take a business-related call with a client….do you use slang, swear, or are you otherwise impolite?” he asks, reminding us blog content writers to think of our writing as an extension of our professional “voice”.

Two more Skellie principles relate to bloggers in terms of use of company manners as well:


  • Be personal (that helps establish you has someone clients can relate to)
  • But don’t be too personal, he cautions, getting into family matters, relationships, stresses, etc.  In other words keep your tone positive, minding those “company manners”.

In Say It For You corporate blogging training sessions, I recommend just that sort of “high road” approach to business blog content writing. Yet, while Skellie tells bloggers to “keep politics, morality, and controversy out of your business blogging”, I encourage business owners and professional practitioners to use their business blog to reveal their core values and corporate culture.  That may mean coming down strongly on one side of an issue, to be sure. Fact is, people want to do business with real people who have real passion concerning their work. 

Think of the most highly skilled corporate blogging for business  as truth-telling with an “inside voice”!

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