Varying the Layout of the CTA’s in your Blog

Today I’m completing the challenge I set for myself earlier this week, to create three blog posts inspired by a single issue of the Saturday Evening Post.  The third page I selected is actually an advertisement for a device called the Exerciser 2000 Elite. I chose this particular page because of the unusual way in which it’s laid out. 

First of all, I noticed, the whole top two thirds of the page consists of feedback, with no fewer than seven testimonials from users and doctors, the likes of:

“I have had such lower back pain…..”

“Little did I know when I ordered the Exercise 2000 Elite….”

“I am 76 years old, heavy, stiff with arthritis…”

“I am 97 years old and have edema in my left foot and leg…”

“After using the Exerciser 2000 Elite two times a day….”


Next, alongside a photo of the Exerciser device itself, I counted fully four different Calls to Action:

  • Factory Direct Price
  • Use code B400 to order
  • Call 1 800 ……………
  • To view product video visit
  • Save on reconditioned units when available (link)

According to Hubspot, a call to action is an image or text that tells your readers what action they should be taking next on your site…."An effective CTA", explains Hubspot, "equals more leads and conversions for you."

Even allowing for the fact the Exercise 2000 Elite piece in Saturday Evening Post is an advertisement, not a blog, as a business blogging trainer, I like several things about the CTA’s in it.

  • There’s more than one.  Those ready to buy can do that right away. Those who need more information before making a decision can choose to pick up the phone.  There’s something for those not quite ready for even a phone conversation – they can choose to watch the video.
  • The CTA’s are in the text as well as in separate "boxes" in the bottom third of the page. In blog posts, I recommend having a link midway through the text.  If a reader feels ready to act or to find out more after reading only part of the blog post – that’s great – offer  her that opportunity!

    Vary the layout of your blog posts, experimenting with placing the CTA’s in different locations. As, Hubspot points out, "The whole website should be actionable!".

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