Ways to Lose in Business Blog Writing Even When You’re the Best

There are ways to lose in business – even when you’re the best, explains Whalelosing Hunters’ sales trainer Barbara Weaver Smith.  Since SEO marketing blogs are one tactic businesses use to lead to sales, several of Weaver’s observations can be of great use in corporate blogging training.

Your service is too specialized. If your prospects are unfamiliar not only with your company, but with the services or products you provide, explains Weaver-Smith, you have two selling jobs to do!

When it comes to corporate blog posts, online readers likely to find your blog through organic search  will be those who already have a need for what you have to sell and for what you do. On the other hand, at Say It For You, we’re convinced  blogging for business is the perfect tool for introducing readers to newer products and services with which they’re less familiar, but which can solve problems for them.

Your story is too complex. If your service or product is highly complex, says Weaver-Smith, it may turn off buyers, who might seek simpler solutions elsewhere to avoid having to deal with a many-step, high-commitment process.

This is an issue with which freelance blog writers deal all the time.  One recommendation I offer in corporate blogging training sessions is to focus blog content writing on the end results of your process rather than on its steps. “People rarely think of your actual brand first.  They think about what they want,” emphasizes blogger Ryan Karpeles.

Your business blog writing must give online searchers a “feel” for the desired outcomes of using your products and services. While customers may lack experience with the latest processes or technology in your field of expertise, they know what their own needs are. Write about outcomes, I teach Indianapolis blog writers.

You underestimate buyers’ fears. When you’re totally focused on the great advantages that you provide with your products and services, cautions Weaver-Smith,
You forget that 99% of buying decisions are made based on irrational, emotional issues.

Now, there’s a truth every blog content writer needs to keep in mind!  Blogging for business , with its conversational, personal tone, is actually a great way to provide reassurance to buyers fearful of making the wrong choice.  In fact, business blogs take their cue from Joan Rivers, asking “Can we tawk?”

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