Ways to Win People Over in Your Business Blog

thumbs up"Getting someone to really listen is no small feat," says Amanda Armstrong in Real Simple Magazine, going on to suggest "5 Ways to Win People Over." 

Getting found online’s no small feat either, I can tell you as a trainer offering business blogging help.  An even greater challenge, though, is consistently producing blog content that engages readers’ attention. As a freelance SEO copywriter, I need to pay attention to tactics development when it comes to using keyword phrases.  More importantly, though, I need to write stuff people will want to read! 

1.   "Puncture your own ego," advises Armstrong. "Getting defensive gets you nowhere with people.  Instead, be willing to show humility and, above all, humor."

During corporate blogging training, business owners new to corporate blogging for business marketing often express a fear that, if they allow comments on their blog, some of those comments might be negative. Corporate Blogging for Dummies authors Doug Karr and Chantelle Flannery put that fear to rest, explaining that negative criticism is an incredible opportunity for any company.  "Consumers no longer demand perfection – they actually want to see what happens when your company is faced with its own imperfections."

If you don’t blog frequently, and certainly if you don’t blog at all, you won’t attract negative comments. But you also won’t attract the attention of search engines that can deliver visitors to your website! Winning people over in business blog writing is about getting more conversational and more personal than you would on your website pages. 

 " Don’t be needy," Armstrong cautions. "People can smell any sense of urgency, and they’re easily turned off."

Whether you’re the blog content writer or using a professional for business blogging help, just focus on letting readers get to know you and your company.  No formality.  No elaborate claims.  Hard selling doesn’t work, and it certainly doesn’t work in writing for business. Just "talk"!

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