We Don’t Ever Get Ready For Business Blogging – We Just Run Out of Time!

lateThe Indianapolis Star has a section I love called "Let it Out", where readers can get on their "soapbox" about topics of their choice.  There was one comment that I think should really resonate with any blog content writer – I know it did with me:

"I don’t think people ever get ‘ready’ for Christmas – we just run out of time."

When I first launched my business blogging service, it was because I knew, based on the previous twenty five years of writing columns and  newspaper articles, that no piece is ever as perfect as it might be (given further revisions and research).  At some point, though, you run out of time and smack dab into a deadline. 

With business blog writing, there are no actual deadlines (because there’s no newspaper or magazine "going to press"). In a way, though, getting content written and published regularly and frequently is the big challenge. That’s the reason, in my introductory post for my Say It For You blog, I stressed that one quality that makes for a great blog content writer – whether that’s the owner of the business or a ghost blogger- is "drill sergeant discipline". That’s the reason, in fact, most business owners need to hire someone to provide blog writing services.

I realized early on that maintaining momentum is precisely the area in which business owners who want to create company branding and corporate identity online need business blogging help the most. After all, how many small business owners have time to compose and post blogs frequently enough to "win search"? It’s all about the discipline. Fellow blogger Rick Short puts it this way: "If you won’t be able to stick with it once the blogging becomes routine, after you’ve battled with writer’s block, after numerous distractions beckon, then find a new hobby."

And, back to the Star reader’s comment about never being totally ready for Christmas, the other thing about corporate blogging for business  is you’ve got to be able to let the post "go live" even if it’s not the very best it can be.  Alternately, bring in a freelance copywriter to "say it for you"! Either way, while you may not ever be really ready for corporate blogging for business, you won’t run out of time!



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