What Can Make Business Blog Content “Stick”?

Creativity is connecting dots in new and meaningful ways, Tamara Kleinberg asserts in Speaker magazine. And for speakers, she adds, it’s “what makes your message stick and your content meaningful.”

I think what she calls the “mind-stretching questions” Kleinberg likes to use in her own presentations would be good ones for us Indiana blog content writers to ask ourselves:

  • If I couldn’t use words, how would I communicate the story?
  • If all my technology failed, what else would I use to bring the story to life?

Of course, Kleinberg isn’t suggesting presenters use no words, only that they add gestures, body motions, and facial expressions to enrich their stories.  In sharing information about a business or a professional practice, we blog writers can use visuals, including video clips, photos, charts and graphs, even clip art to emphasize the concepts we want trying to convey.

  • If I were to do the opposite of everyone else, what would I do?
  • How can I deliver this story in a way that would surprise the audience?

Think about starting a post with a WOW that creates surprise and interest. Remember that, while, in any SEO marketing blog, it’s the keyword phrases in the title that start the job of getting the blog found. But, once the online visitor has actually landed, it takes a great opener to fan the flicker of interest into a flame. In fact, a big part of blog content writing, I’ve found, involves getting what I call the “pow opening line” right. One tactic is to use an anomaly, a statement that, at first glance, doesn’t appear to fit the topic.

  • If I were in the audience, how would I want to participate in the story?

Offering surveys and allowing comments in corporate blogging for business is a good idea, if for no other reason than to engage readers. Asking qualitative survey questions that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no invites interaction with readers.

At least some of our readers may already know quite a bit about our subject.  What they’re looking for is new perspective on the subject, new ways to connect the dots.

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