What’s On Your Blog Bumper?

As a ghost blogger, I’m always alert for interesting ways in which words are used. Leafing through my program book at the symphony concert, I noticed an ad for Arts Trust license plates.  You’ve no doubt seen these specialty plates that can be ordered through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  The extra fee you pay for a specialty plate supports a not-for-profit organization of your choice.  The Arts Trust plate carries a colorful logo and just three words, “celebrate the Arts”.

Thinking about this for a moment, I realized there’s not much room on a license plate for more than a very few words.  And, when you’re driving behind another vehicle, glancing at the license plate, you don’t have a lot of time for reading.  But, there you are, in traffic, with the arts the last thing on your mind, and suddenly, even if just for a moment, you are thinking about the arts!

In a way, that’s precisely the effect you want your company blogs to have.  Your potential customer is searching for something, scanning various pages ‘s relevant, it’s about what he/she is looking for.  In just an instant, you and your company are top of mind for that customer.  The blog, just like a speciality license plate, is there to seize the momen€ and Say It For You.  You want that customer to”drive on” – right to your company website!

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