When Bloopers Aren’t Funny for Business Blogs and Websites

 The more I keep reminding blog content writers in Indianapolis how important it is to be fastidious with the language used on web pages and blogs, the more examples of sloppiness seem to stare me in the face whenever I surf the Web.

“In general,” says zdnet.co,uk, “we can slip up in a verbal conversation and get away with it.”  That’s not the case with written communications, zdnet adds.  “When we commit a grammatical crime in emails, discussion posts, reports, memos, and other professional documents, there’s no going back. We’ve just officially gone on record as being careless or clueless.”

You don’t have to be a corporate blogging trainer or professional ghost blogger to notice, either.  Take a look at these website bloopers:

From the Jewelry Blog:

If you planed all year long to get something valuable as a gift this holiday…

Say It For You asks, “Did you aviate?”

 From the Marcy Design Services website:

Building a web site is only one part of the equation. Your company also needs to attract attention as well.

Say It For You asks, “Don’t  the expressions ‘also” and ‘as well” mean the same thing?”

From the Spork marketing blog:

“…and in that respect it accomplishes it’s basic mission.”

Say It For You really isn’t laughing at this one – Spork’s actually referring to grammar and spelling errors on a sign!

I found the same ist/it’s mistake in the title of an Austin Bling blog post:

Amethyst and it’s meaning, the birthstone for February

Say It For You reminds business copy writers that “it’s” is not a pronoun – it means “it is”.

It doesn’t take a blog content writer or a copy editor to realize that bloopers like these aren’t funny.  Understandable slip-ups? Maybe.  An impassioned public speaker might remain unaware of the spinach morsel caught in his own teeth until it’s too late to re-engage his audience. “If a visitor sees a spelling mistake on the site, he will naturally assume that the carelessness applies to the business as a whole,” warns conversionmedic.com.

When it comes to business blog content writing, it pays to be fastidious!




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