When You Do X, Y Happens. Blog About Z.

Calls To Action, or CTA’s, are a vital component of business blogs. Future’s Now Brendan Regan says business owners’ marketing outreach needs to extend from the driving point through to a "conversion". 

On a blog page, the CTA can be on the right margin (Call 1-800……, Contact ———, sign up for RSS, etc.).
Or, the Call To Action can be in the body of the blog post (To buy now, click here…).

To me, though, each whole blog post is in itself a Call To Action. I was thinking about that after hearing Julie Reed of Miller’s Health Systems talk about managing productive conversations with employees. Reed suggested using the formula "When you do X, Y happens. I prefer Z". (This approach avoids any hint of personal criticism of the employee, but explains why the outcome of certain behaviors is nonproductive, and then suggests a better way of doing things.)

Myth-busting is a very good use for blogs, because you’re opening the eyes of readers to a new way of thinking about your product or service. Addressing misinformation is one way of shining light on business owners’ expertise.  At the same time, people generally don’t like to have their assumptions challenged.  The Julie Reed formula can come in handy here.

When you do X:  When you, the blog reader (hasten to assured readers many people have the same misunderstanding or are making the same natural mistake) do a certain thing…

Y happens: Describe the problems that can arise from that course of action, that type of shortcut, that product, etc.)

Suggest Z: Describe a better way of using the product you sell, or a better solution your company offers for their problem.

Whatever your "Z"  is, it will become the Call To Action for your blog post!

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