Which-One-Would-You-Rather-Have Blogging for Business: Magazine Challenge Part Two

CFL bulb

Browsing through Natural Health Magazine to look for ideas I could use as part of corporate blogging training, I saw a number of interesting articles, but my attention was diverted by an ad. The product was from Purely Products, and it was an item I’d never heard of before – a CFL.  I learned that a CFL is an air purifier and light bulb all in one.  I never would have found that out, though, were it not for the caption.

One of the big lessons in blogging for business is how important blog post titles are. The title must capture attention so that readers click on the link they’ve found through online search.

This particular ad showed a picture of a mom watching TV, cuddling with her son on the couch.  On one side of the room was a HEPA air filter showing a price tag of $500-$1,000. On the other side of the room a lamp was labeled “Healthy CFL: Under $10”.

The caption read:

“They both purify the air.  Which one would you rather invest in?”

Creating catchy blog titles isn’t the only challenge facing freelance blog writers. Shoppers these days have so many choices, both in the mall and online. Obviously business blog writing needs to be recent, relevant, and on point, but even more than that, corporate blog posts have to deal firmly with “The Why’s”.

  • Why me? (The SEO marketing blog must make clear why the product is a good fit for this reader.)
  • Why you? (What’s special about this provider, this company, this business?)
  • Why now? (What’s so urgent that I should pay attention now?)
  • Why this price? (Is there a special offer? How does the cost compare to other options I have?)

The CFL ad made it abundantly clear – I could purify the air in my home using a HEPA filter, or choose the much simpler, much less expensive option of the CFL.  A Maxima ad I found online follows the same format: “Wouldn’t You Rather Have an ’85 Maxima with Super Sonic Suspension?”

One other aspect of the CFL ad that I found very appealing is that it was very much in sync with the Say It For You no-hard-sell style of business blog writing.  “Shock advertising” or scare tactic blogging is, in my opinion, of zero business blogging help.   Blog content writers’ task is to present choices.  Given enough necessary, relevant, and truthful information, consumers are perfectly able to decide “which one they’d rather invest in”!

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