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Now there’s an arresting article title if ever I’ve read one, I thought: “Why do there seem to be more baby boys available to adopt?" it read. "Since everyone knows women live long and represent more of the population at large, most clients assume that means that more girls are born. “ Unfortunately, what ‘everyone knows’ often leads to misunderstandings of what is really happening,.” the authors go on to explain.

As a corporate blogging trainer, I'm a firm believer that myth debunking is an important function of blog content writing, simply because, in every business or profession, misunderstandings about a product or service surface in the form of customer questions and complaints. Addressing misinformation in a company's blog shines light on the owner's special expertise, besides offering information that is valuable to readers. De-mystifying matters can make your corporate or professional office’s blog into a "go-to" source for readers seeking information in your field.

In a way, I’ve found, blog readers tend to be engaged, rather than miffed, when your content “proves them wrong”.  Of course, you soften the effect when you acknowledge that their misunderstandings are shared by many other people.  What’s more, the new (to them) “take” on the situation must seem relevant and helpful in solving whatever need or problem motivated those readers’ online search to begin with

The authors acknowledge that several of the reasons more girls are adopted than boys have nothing to do with the U.S. birth rates.  

  • Women, particularly single women, express a preference for adopting girls.
  • The majority of children available for adoption from other countries that are leading sources for adoptive children (think China) are girls.

A justharvest blog  I found does a great job formatting a  mythbusting post about food stamps:  

“I'm going to ask you to do something a little weird. Ready? Ok, close your eyes and try to picture someone on food stamps.” Was the person an adult? Because at most half of food stamp recipients are children. Was it a white person? Most people on food stamps are white. Were they spending the day sitting around unemployed, on welfare? Only 8% of food stamp recipients receive cash welfare benefits."

Ask yourself: How could I, as an Indianapolis blog content writer, adapt this mythbusting template to my own business or profession?

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