Yes-At-Your-Age Blogging for Business

“Blogs are not ads” is a rule I reiterate at corporate blogging training sessions.  Often.

Still, as we’re all aware, the ultimate aim of SEO marketing blogs is to make the cash register ring.  Somewhere in the process of getting that to happen, blog content writers are going to need to deal with buyers’ misapprehensions and objections.

Just the other day, I noticed a six-word billboard advertisement for Indiana’s WGU online university:  “Earn a degree. Yes, at your age!”

I really liked that “take-the-bull-by-the-horns” approach, going right for the anticipated objection and countering it.

“Consumers are skeptics,” explained Bob Chenoweth in a guest post on my blog two years ago. “They have objections, conscious or unconscious, stated or unstated. As a solution provider, your primary goal must be to convert the skeptical prospect into a customer by overcoming these objections and gaining trust.”  Chenoweth adds that business blogging breaks down barriers, and minimizes and overcomes objections.

Debunking myths about your industry is a great place to begin when creating business blog content. Not only is addressing misinformation in your company blog interesting to readers, it highlights your own special expertise and knowledge. So, while blogs are definitely not ads, you can reassure readers’ doubts and make them more comfortable trying out your product or service.

  • Lasik eye surgery: Yes, even if you have astigmatism
  • Bankruptcy: Yes, even if you owe back taxes
  • Retail store return of product:  Yes, even if you’ve taken the tag off
  • Clothing company: Yes, even after Labor Day
  • Auto sales: Yes, even with less-than-perfect credit

What’s the “yes-at-your-age” for your business or practice?

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