Your Blog – Not Somewhere In Time, But There At The Right Time!

A little more than a week after “springing ahead” for Daylight Saving Time, I’m still trying to catch up on all the social networking I could have accomplished in that lost hour… 

Wondering why we had to set our clocks ahead this month?  Daylight Saving Time was invented by none other than the ever-thrifty Benjamin Franklin; his idea was for folks to work more during daylight hours and save on candle wax! DST as we know it today was formally introduced in 1917 in the United Kingdom.

I imagine most people would identify their longest moments as those spent tied up in traffic on the way home from work. In fact, according to Discover Magazine, the average U.S. city commuter loses 38 hours a year to traffic delays. To me, though, the most interminable moments are those between my keying in a query on a search engine and finding the results I need.

That’s exactly the reason it’s so important it is to include one or more of your primary key phrases in the title of each blog post.  As I remarked in “Staging Your Business Blog”, searchers who’ve found your blog site won’t linger longer than a couple of seconds if what they see doesn’t reassure them they’ve come to the right place for the information they need.

Something Albert Einstein discovered about time is that gravity makes it run more slowly.  “Airplane passengers”, Discover Magazine relates, “age a few extra nanoseconds each flight.” Interesting thing about time as it relates to blogs, though. The whole point of online marketing through blogs is to get our business "found", and quickly. (That’s why blogging for business is a form of “pull marketing”).  Once our site has been found, however, the goal is to engage readers so that, rather than ‘bouncing” away from us and continuing to search, they’ll stick around for a conversation, and, better yet, do business. It’s kind of like the admittedly quaint adage about courtship, where a guy pursues a gal “until she catches him”!   

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