You’ve-Seen-One-Farmer Blogging

Since blog writing for business is all about marketing a company’s branding and farmercorporate identity, when I heard the Farm Credit Services radio ad, it made me stop and think.

The tag line started out, "When you’ve seen one farmer…".  Of course, I expected to hear the sentence conclude "’ve seen them all."  But instead (and this was the whole point of the ad), the sentence went, "When you’ve see one farmer, you’ve seen one farmer." The message here, as the announcer went on to explain, was that each client of Farm Credit Services has different needs, and that therefore, in dealing with Farm Credit, you could expect to be listened to and to receive individual care.

It occurs to me this "you’ve-seen-one-farmer" idea could be powerful stuff when it comes to corporate blogging training. I’d start by having blog content writers make lists of ways their business individualizes and personalizes services to customers and clients. Sure, it seems as if every business says it offers personalized services, but if ever there was a concept to drive home to readers in a corporate blog, this one’s it. Drill down, I’d say to everyone offering blog writing services, to actual cases of clients’ personalized customer service, recalling times when unusual problems got solved, and when standard procedures were put aside to get the job done for that one customer..

Now that I think about it, the very best business blogging assistance  – or professional ghost blogging – I could ever provide to any business owner would need to be in the area of getting this one-farmer concept woven as a "leitmotif" into the fabric of the business blog posts. Even the calls to action in the blog should convey the message that readers may have different needs, offering lots of choices for interaction. 
True, the reason readers found your blog in the first place is that what you offer is a match for what they typed into the search bar on their computer. Now they’re here, it’s crucial to convey a two-part message:

  • You’ve come to the right place to find what you need.
  • We plan to treat you as an individual – we know you’re unique!

In other words, the message is: we’ve seen many customers, but we’ve never seen you!

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