When it comes to blogging, we at Say It For You firmly believe in the Power of One:

  • One message
  • One outcome
  • One audience
  • One writer
  • One client

One message per post

It’s here that blog posts have a distinct advantage over the more static website copy. Each post can have a razor-sharp focus on just one story, one idea, one aspect of your business. Other important things you want to discuss?  Save those for later blog posts!

One desired outcome per post

A business blog post should impart one new idea or call for a single action. Focused on one thing, your post has greater impact, since people are bombarded with many messages each day. Respecting readers’ time produces better results for your business.

One audience per blog

Blogging can have several different purposes, but make no mistake—blogging for business is marketing. The more focused a blog is on connecting with a narrowly defined target audience, the more successful it will be in converting prospects to clients and customers.

One writer per client

A single Say It For You writer will write your blog. This singularity of focus and writing style helps deliver a consistent and effective message over time.

One client per market

Say It For You takes on only one client per type of business per metropolitan area. In this way, we avoid conflicts of interest and give our best work to each client.

The Power of One isn’t just the most effective way we we’ve found to blog—it’s also the best way we’ve found to treat our customers.