Aha, Aha! Right Rope For Your Blog

Deanos Vino
At a wine-tasting event at Deano’s Vino a couple of weeks ago, I got to try some very fine wines and sample some tasty cheeses.  My friends and I were then treated to an entertaining, informative mini-lecture by Deano, the proprietor of this fun Fountain Square, Indianapolis eatery.  As a teacher and speaker myself for so many years, and now as a ghost business blogger, I especially enjoy seeing ways in which other speakers and writers use words to convey ideas and information to an audience. 

Somewhere in the middle of his short talk, Deano (who manages to be quite funny while still being serious about his topic) alluded to Mel Brooks’ Robin Hood character in Men In Tights. Deano wanted to bring out that, when a customer finds a product or service that’s the exact right thing for him or her, it’s as if a light pops on. You need to get the customer to say “Aha!” just the way Robin Hood said “Aha, Aha! Right rope!” as he climbed a rope to make his escape.

Your business blog should be designed to elicit that same kind of “Aha” response.  Remember, your potential customer is searching on the Web for a product, a service, or for information. Like Robin Hood, the customer’s moving fast, browsing the Internet, using a search engine, scanning rather than reading.  You’re hoping for an “Aha!” response, because if the “light pops on”, that browser will want to find out more about you and your business. By offering a “content-tasting” on your blog, and doing that regularly and frequently, you’ll have put Search Engine Optimization to work for you and your business, converting tasters – to buyers.

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