Blog Writing for the Rando?

“I may be a rando when I cross your field of vision,” says Luc Sante.  Randos, he explains, are people who show up at your party uninvited or who Jumbled wooden letterpatronize your favorite hangout but who have no connection with your crowd. To put it another way, a rando is Not One of Us.

As business blog content writers, of course, we’re trying to target the “right kind” of readers, those with an interest in our topic, value our products and services and are willing to pay for them. But what about all those others, the “random” readers? Shouldn’t your content be structured so as to engage them as well?

When he first began to use the Internet, Sante recalls, his impression was that every time you clicked on a link, it took you somewhere else, “until you were miles and maybe years away from your point of departure”.

FutureNow‘s  Brendan Regan teaches business owners to “optimize a marketing outreach from the driving point to the landing page and on through to conversion.” In other words, for any business blog to enjoy bottom-line success, there needs to be a smooth process, a navigation path that begins when a customer first becomes conscious of your existence to when you’re closing a deal.

Given the way organic search works on the Internet, some of those readers just becoming conscious of your existence might well be “randos”. That’s because, every once in a while, there’s a “disconnect” between what a searcher wanted and what he or she actually finds.  When this anomaly results in bringing someone to your blog who really doesn’t “belong” there, it’s not necessarily bad news.  That “mistake” might even result in you converting a searcher-gone-astray into a buyer!

Am I saying you don’t need to write with a very specific target audience in mind? Not at all.  In fact, your understanding of your target readers has to influence every aspect of your blog.  By doing that, you’ll have an enormous advantage over less-targeted competitors.

Meanwhile, though, welcome the randos who “wander” into your territory.  You just never know…




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