Different-Strokes Blogging for Business

eLooking for ways to help your blog content appeal to different segments within your market? Look no further than the very different presidential marriage proposal tactics chronicled by Jeff Wilser, in Mental Floss magazine’s “10 Presidential Marriage Proposals”.

As a blog content writer, strive for subtlety. Harry Truman snuck in his proposal to Bess while talking about the weather:  “I guess we’ll all have to go to drinking whiskey if it doesn’t rain very soon.  Water and potatoes will soon be as much of the luxury as pineapples and diamonds.  Speaking of diamonds, would you wear a solitaire on your left hand should I get it?”

The art of writing a good advertorial, write.co explains, is getting the right balance between story and sale. Use a subtle touch in your sales message and in the calls to action in your blog.

Persistence is a virtue:
After meeting Lady Bird in Austin Texas, Lyndon Johnson needed to return to D.C. where he was working as a congressional aide. Over the next ten weeks, the couple exchanged no fewer than 90 letters before Johnson returned to Texas to give his love her ring.

A good blog requires persistence to maintain frequency. Even years ago, in the process creating my company Say It For You, I realized that the main key to business blogging success was going to be simply keeping on task.

Research your target audience, finding out what they need and like.
Richard Nixon hated ice-skating, but went skating with Thelma “Pat” Ryan and her friends because he knew she loved it.

We’re there to engage those blog readers and show them we understand the dilemmas they’re facing.  In fact, a business blog is the ideal vehicle for going right to the heart of any possible customer fears or concerns and laying the groundwork for understanding and trust.

Offer a taste of the benefits:
Dwight D. Eisenhower gave Mamie a miniature version of his class ring from West Point.  That made her want a full-sized rock.

By offering a “content-tasting” on your blog, and doing that regularly and frequently, you’ll be earning the right to convert at least some “tasters” into buyers!

In the art of business blogging, it’s important to use different strokes for different readers!

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