Ideal Blog Posts: Focused, With a Sense of Forward Movement

Back in 1960, when Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv were designing a logo for Chaseforward movement Manhattan Bank, Marketing News tells us, their goal was to find something “focused and concentrated, with a sense of forward movement.” (At the time, Chermayeff now recalls, American companies weren’t yet using abstract symbols to identify themselves.)

Blog posts, like logos, tend to be more effective when they focus on just one idea.  That idea might be:

  • Busting one myth common among consumers
  • One testimonial from a user of your product or service
  • One special application for your product
  • One common problem your service helps solve
  • One new development in your industry

For us Indianapolis blog content writers, it’s important to keep in mind that a tight focus is what helps blog posts stay smaller and lighter in scale, and much more flexible than the more permanent content on the typical corporate website.

On the other hand, in each blog post (just as Chermayeff emphasized for logos), there needs to be a sense of forward movement. One way content writers can convey that sense is through linking to another page, or by telling readers to watch for information on another product, service, or “how-to” in a coming blog post.

In business blog writing, while lack of focus can get uncomfortable and counterproductive, it’s OK to let readers know you have lots more helpful information, products, and services to fill their needs.

A business blog consists of many, many posts spread out over a long period of time, clarifying, adding, proving, restating, giving examples, testimonials, and stories, building belief piece by piece.

The goal is to stay focused, but with a sense of forward movement!

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