In Business Coaching or Blogs, It’s All About Time, People, & Production

hWhether things are going wrong or right for an organization or business almost always has to do with time, people, and production, explains executive and corporate coach Kim Stoneking. Are the people working well together?  Is everyone’s thinking aligned on best practices for that business or practice? Is work completed on time?  Are the products and services of the very best quality for that market and price point?

You may be sure those are the very questions going through the minds of online searchers as they begin reading your blog posts to learn about your company or practice. Of course, the typical website explains what products and services the company offers, who the “players” are and in what geographical area they operate. The better websites give at least a taste of the corporate culture and some of the owners’ core beliefs.

But it’s the continuous business blog writing that “fleshes out” the skeleton, describing those things that make any company or practice stand out from its peers. The blog is where readers can gain a deeper perspective about the time, the people, and the production. For every fact about the company or about one of its products or services, a blog post addresses unspoken questions such as “So, is that different?”, “So, is that good for me?”

It’s interesting to me, after all these years as a blog writing trainer, to see all the things the process of producing a corporate blog tends to reveal about the people in that company and how they manage time and production.

I often begin by questioning the blogging client: “If you had only 8-10 words to describe why you’re passionate about what you do, what you know, and what you sell, what would those words be?”

And what I’m finding is this: the very process of creating content to “put out there” in your blog forces you, the business owner or professional practitioner, to keep answering the question “What-do-I-want-my- business/practice-to-be-as-it-grows-up?”

In business coaching or blogs, it’s all about time, people, and production!

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