Raise Your Hand If You’ve Had Doubts About Blogging

Hand raising for vote isolated on white background with clipping pathAsked to “Raise your hand if you’ve asked yourself this question: ’Do we still need a company blog?’”, marketing strategist Alex Honeysett  says “My hand is up there, too.” With Facebook and Twitter and all the other social media platforms, we actively use,” Honeysett says, it feels like we’re connecting with our audience, creating great content, and building communities the same way we used to with blogs.”

So, do we still need to keep cramming blog posts into our jam-packed editorial calendars? In Honeysett’s opinion, we do. Why?

  • Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, your blog sits directly on your website.  So if you do a great job of keeping the blog compelling and updated, that increases the amount of time people are staying on the website, Honeysett observes.
  • Furthermore, (and this is the part of Honeysett’s post which, as a long time blog content writer, I particularly appreciate), “the introduction of social media has forced us to say things too quickly and efficiently…but some topics and musings need more than a few sentences to be fully explored.” On a blog, Honeysett explains, “you’ll have more room to expand on those thoughts.”
  • With Google having changed its algorithm a gazillion times, SEO experts told her, “the most effective way to increase your search ranking is to give your community relevant content that they will engage with and share. It is both that simple and that hard.”

Jason Lippman of jelmarketingstrategies.com addresses the same question: Will blogging still work in 2016? Absolutely, Lippman says, but you need to be aware of the changing landscape, with a new emphasis on personal branding as opposed to corporate branding.

For most businesses, a social media presence – even the most robust kind – cannot substitute for a blog presence, asserts Steve Baldwin, Editor-in-Chief at Didit. Baldwin offers several reasons why social media can’t replace blogging:

  • Link juice: domains and pages accumulate page rank and social media URLs do not.
  • Branding: social media platforms force you into their format; on your own website you have more freedom to tell your brand story.
  • Your blog is on your own “land”; on social media, you’re a “sharecropper”.

You can put your hand down now!

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