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People-to-People Blogging for Business

Skimming through my now-pretty-extensive collection of business books, I came across Hollywood producer Peter Guber’s book Tell to Win.  Guber thinks storytelling is a professional discipline, and in the book he examines the way people use stories to do business. As a professional blog content creator and trainer in corporate writing, I think that what […]

In Business Blogs, Quotations Can Be a Good Idea

How good an idea is it to use quotations in your business blog? Very good, once you allow for certain caveats. You can use a quote to: reinforce your point show you’re in touch with trends in your field add value for readers (by aggregating different sources of information in one business blog) add variety […]

Made-‘Ya-Look Blog Post Topics

  “If you can make people look twice at a blog topic or title, they will definitely want to check it out,” observes Ken Myers in blogherald.com. Myers suggests fighting “the borings” by basing blog posts on some of the following, tying each to your own subject: Holidays (decorating ideas, recipes, tips) Celebrities (little known […]

Wouldn’t You Do It Every Single Blog?

“If you knew something as easy as adding images to your blog posts would increase your readers, subscribers, followers, and leads, wouldn’t you do it every single time?” asks Neil Patel of HubSpot.com. We live in an age of visual culture, observes Jeff Bullas.  In fact, Bullas points out, 10% of photos taken by humankind took […]

10 Blog Posts for 10 Reasons

HR World’s John Edwards tells his small business owner readers no fewer than ten reasons to outsource their payroll. I must say, he presents a compelling lineup. As a corporate blogging trainer, I couldn’t help but think Edwards’ article could actually be turned into ten separate blog posts, with each adding an anecdote or statistic […]

A Profoundly Moving “Final” Blog Post

“In October of 2014, I was told I was about to embark on a journey.  As I prepared for this journey, I learned many things about life and myself…I had been given a special gift – time to prepare for my final ‘destination’, what baggage to bring or not bring. As you read this, you […]

The Phrase That Pays in Business Blog Writing

“Great storytellers don’t just hope to get lucky,” says former professional actor and now keynote speaker Doug Stevenson.  But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, he adds, because classical storytelling structure has been around for thousands of years. As a corporate blogging trainer, I was thrilled to see that Stevenson teaches something I’ve always […]

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