The Art of Breaking Character in a Business Blog

“No matter your genre, readers are drawn to the unexpected,” asserts Jessica Strawser in
Writers’ Digest. Strawsers’ talking to novelists, explaining that “once you’ve established who your story’s players are, it’s actually out of character behavior that can propel them in more interesting ways.”

Out-of-character behavior adds depth and complexity, which adds interest, Strawser goes on to explain. But, for the tactic to be successful, the reader must understand that “how you were behaving wasn’t actually out of character at all, but a part of your character that others don’t usually see.”

It’s this very observation about revealing character that I believe is so relevant to blog content writing.  In Creating Buzz With Blogs, veteran business technology consultant Ted Demopoulos explains, “Blogs create buzz because people will feel like they know you, and people like to do business with people they know.” But, because it is so very human to act inconsistently, revealing seemingly out-of-character aspects of yourself and of the people involved in your business or practice is a way to create buzz.

There might never have been a time more suited for testing this “anomaly” than right now, with social distancing creating a craving for closeness and a genuine sharing of ourselves.  Sure, everyone wants to buy from or work with the person who has the reputation, credibility, and knowledge of an expert, as Jorgen Sunberg of maintains.

In the long run, though, and on a deeper level, “highlighting your humanity helps your brand stand out, as Scott Gregory so aptly pointed out in Forbes. And when MarketWatch spoke to four independent operators about how they’re coping with the Coronavirus crisis, all of them spoke about “finding an unexpected symbiosis with the customers they serve.” The crisis, all say, affirms how much their services mean to their communities.

Perhaps you’re thinking it’s “out-of-character” for you to get all “touchie-feelie” in your business blog. I suggest you think again. Readers will readily appreciate that your newly personal approach to your blog content is not actually out of character at all, but a part of your character that others don’t usually see!
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