Winning Traits of Innovative Blog Posts

Ray Anthony and Barbara Boyd wrote Innovative Presentations for Dummies to help speakers get their audiences committed and acting upon their orator in publicrequests. “Competition, technology, and the ever-tightening economy have made out-presenting your competitors more important than ever,” the authors caution professional speakers.

That particular warning is one all of us blog content writers must heed, and all the practical tips offered by Anthony and Boyd for specific types of presentations are perfect reminders for us as well:

  • Motivational: Your presentation will contain personal anecdotes and memorable stories that your audience can relate to – how you faced a difficult situation and overcame it, and what you learned.
  • Progress update: Give more than a simple state-of-affairs presentation.  If you’re reporting on something negative, explain the reasons and provide a solution.  If it’s good news, explain why.
  • Solutions: When you sell a product or service, what you really sell is a solution to a problem your audience is facing.
  • Technical: Convey enthusiasm about the process or product, showing how the latest technology can help solve their problems.

Remember the Five Cs, the authors say.

  1. Clear: Use words the audience understands, and make points in logical order.
  2. Concise: Say what you have to say in as few words as possible.
  3. Compelling: Use words, visuals, and powerful information to demand total interest.
  4. Captivating: Tell impacting stories and keep the presentation moving forward.
  5. Convincing:  The ultimate test is: have you swayed your audience to your point of view or persuaded them to buy what you’re selling?

Not only are these elements winning traits of innovative presentations, they are winning traits of innovative blog posts!

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