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Some people think graveyards and cemeteries are the same thing, but they’re not, Jakub Marian, author of the book One Hundred Most Commonly Mispronounced English Words points out. Graveyards are on church property; cemeteries are not.

With July Fourth around the corner, Writing Explained wants readers to appreciate the difference between “half-mast” and “half-staff”. When a flag near civilian structures or homes on land is flown low on its pole, at ”half-staff”, that signifies a mournful salute, often for fallen soldiers, police officers, or politicians. The phrase “half-mast” means the same thing for flags on a ship or on a naval base..

“Companies all over the world regularly struggle with explaining the benefits of their products, William Craig observes in Forbes. One way to empower customers to make a decision, he says, is to help them understand the differences between various terms. As an example, Craig discusses two terms that tend to be used interchangeably and wrongly in the field of nutrition: probiotics and prebiotics. The first term has a “sizeable head start” in terms of marketing, he observes, but the scientific consensus is shifting towards the second. It’s important for companies competing in the nutritional supplement arena to double down on efforts to better educate the public.

As blog content writers, we’re part of that same struggle to educate both prospects on clients on the differences between various terms – and between one business’ products and services and those of its competitors. Demonstrating the differences, and, even more important, why those distinctions matter, becomes a core function of our content writing.

A couple of years ago, the AARP magazine featured a piece called “Knowledge is Power”. The author’s idea was that we should “put words in readers’ mouths” so that they can feel confident about protecting themselves from fraudsters. At Say it For You, we believe the same principle can be applied when it comes to empowering readers by teaching them the correct use of the terms that apply in that field of interest.

As I work with clients, whatever the nature of their business or professional practice, I always advise that we use the blog to provide information – especially new information – related to their field. Buyers feel empowered to make a decision when they feel they understand the terminology. Blogging to differ is a good idea!

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